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(This page is continuously updated, look for fall colors coming soon.)


This page is design for our park patrons  to observe and learn about the tree and plant life part of our environment. This page is part of the tree identification project of our park and is made possible by a grant from The Captain Planet Foundation. You can click on the leaf below to fine where this tree is located on our park grounds and more information about that species.  We have over twenty species of trees along our trails which are native to Kentucky and Estill County.


Black Walnut        Oak      Mulberry  Chinese Chestnut Tulip Poplar     Sassafras   Pink Dogwood   White Dogwood  Red Cedar


Redbud Wild Cherry Sycamore  Hickory  Silver Maple   Sugar Maple    Beech      White Oak     Ash    Thorn        Pine        Willow     

You must remember in nature some plant life may not be friendly to you, such as poison ivy or oak, sumac, thorns, wild rose brushes, thistles, blackberry briars, or (Stinging Nettle) a dark green plant which grows down near the river, when touching the stem it feels like a sting.  Use caution when walking our trails and be safe by knowing which plants could affect you.   

Here are some pictures a visitor from Chicago, IL took while visiting our park on July the 4th.




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